125-Mile Traffic Jam Traps Motorists for Days (VIDEO)

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(Photo: AP Photo / Toby Talbot)

A 125 mile traffic jam in Russia has held up some commuters for days, reports on Monday are explaining.

The huge traffic jam has blocked motorists traveling on Russia's main highway between St Petersburg and Moscow since the end of last week, and has trapped motorists in freezing cold temperatures.

The traffic jam first started last Friday about 30 miles northwest of Tver when heavy snows and freezing cold conditions swept in over the region. The atrocious weather brought traffic to a stand still and the jam quickly lengthened out to a massive 125 miles long.

The traffic jam had motorists stuck since Friday all the way through to Sunday afternoon, Russian media agencies are reporting.

Even on Sunday afternoon it wasn't that the traffic jam was completely over, but it had started to clear. Traffic officials had said that as of Sunday afternoon local time the jam was decreasing at a rate of three to four miles every hour.

The jam had people stuck in freezing cold conditions for hours and, for many, days. The government, as well as numerous volunteers responded to the crisis by setting up roadside kitchens along to the traffic queue to provide people with something hot to eat and drink.

According to reports coming out of the region some motorists who had been stuck in the jam for days had been complaining that their gasoline was beginning to run out, and that some were finding it hard to find any supplies at all.

Some rumors of price gouging along the route have also been reported, as numerous gas stations positioned near the traffic jam allegedly quickly raised their prices.

Russia's Emergencies Minister Vladimir Puchkov has ensured the Russian people that everything was being done to help the people affected by the massive traffic jam. His spokesperson has announced, "(Puchkov) is making sure that all necessary measures are being taken and that all vital personnel in afflicted regions have everything they need, particularly for the warming stations and hot food distribution along the highway."

Here is a video of the 125-mile traffic jam: