13 Ways to Creatively Reduce Stress

One of the best ways to reduce and manage stress is to be kind to yourself. Yes, that's right, you can creatively manage stress at work and unwind from it in your personal life by being kind to yourself.

For most of us, it's easy to be kind to others; but somewhat challenging to even think about being kind to ourselves.

Numerous scientific studies have shown that being kind to oneself reduces stress and results in significant physical, mental and emotional health benefits.

Wouldn't you like these advantages? If so, try these 13 ways to reduce stress by being kind to yourself.

  1. Send yourself some flowers, a card, or buy a small inexpensive gift. Don't forget to wrap the gift. When you unwrap it, express your delight and pleasure vocally as you savor the moment.
  2. Get a new haircut or style. Try that new look you've been waiting to experience.
  3. Spend quality time with family and friends by engaging in fun, joy and play. Take regular and frequent vacations or develop new interests and re-visit old hobbies.
  4. Make a cup of herbal or green tea and sit quietly thinking about the fun things you would like to do. Put these ideas on paper and take action.
  5. Each week, plan a special meal. Set the table with your fine linens, good china, stemware and utensils (instead of paper plates, cups, napkins and plastic forks).
  6. Take a REAL vacation-you know, the old fashion kind where cell phones, emails, and wireless connections are banned!
  7. Pop some popcorn, relax in your favorite chair with your feet up, and watch your favorite TV show or DVD.
  8. Bring a CD player to work and softly play classical music in the background while you prepare reports, presentations or read the volumes of emails you receive each day.
  9. Take a leisurely bicycle ride or walk through a field or park. Stop frequently to enjoy the scenery or reflect on the vastness of creation.
  10. Go to the spa for a manicure, pedicure, or massage. If you can afford it, spend the whole day relaxing and being pampered.
  11. Read for fun-a novel, poetry, short story. Avoid business books or academic treatises–anything that produces stress or reminds you of work.
  12. Organize your closet or drawers. Tackle a sock or lingerie drawer; hold a tag sale, or donate your materials, furniture, and clothes that are in good condition.
  13. Go all out to do something kind and compassionate for yourself each day. Respect yourself. Refuse to berate, put down or belittle your decisions and actions.

Hopefully these tips have contributed to your understanding of how to reduce stress. Share your new understanding about how to creatively manage stress with others. They'll thank you for it.