13-Year-Old Brutally Raped and Buried Alive, Survives by Digging Herself to Freedom

A young Pakistani girl was raped, buried alive, and yet survived the whole ordeal. The young girl regained consciousness while underground and dug herself to freedom.

The 13-year-old girl was walking to Koran lessons in the Punjab province of Pakistan when she was abducted by two men, the New York Post reported. The men took her to a private place where both raped and attacked her. It seems that, thinking she had died during the attack, the two men buried her.

The girl was able to dig her way out of the shallow grave in a miraculous act of survival. She then attracted spectator attention and got help. Amazingly, she survived the ordeal.

The teenage girl's father Siddique Mughal told police of his daughter's abduction, Outlook India reported.

Police of theToba Tek Singh district were not cooperating with Mughal, but fortunately the Lahore High Court Chief Justice's Complain Cell decided to get involved. On Saturday he ordered a probe into the young girls attack by a Toba Tek sessions judge.

The rape of children is a large problem in Pakistan. An activist group called Sahil collects statistics that stated that there were 2,788 reported cases of child rape in Pakistan just last year, according to the International Business Times. And unfortunately, according to the group director Manizeh Bano, the unreported or undiscovered cases of rape would raise that statistic significantly.

"We still think these statistics are just a fraction of what's going on," said Manizeh Bano.