14 Restaurants Christians go to After Church

They were hungry for the word of God..., and now..., they are simply hungry for real food! Where do Christians go and have fellowship time? Take a look at 14 of the restaurants where Christians dine.

1. In-and-Out Burger

(Photo: In-and-Out Burger)

Time to "fellowship" with your church fellows and put into practice the Gospel in your lives. This is a place where Christians would go when they seek something cheap and fast.

According to Cockeyed website, you can buy a double-double for $3.20, cheeseburger for $2.20, hamburger for $1.90 and shake for $1.99.

2. Outback Steakhouse

(Photo: In-and-Out Burger)

Outback Steakhouse is an American casual dining restaurant chain based in Tampa, Florida.

And this is what you can find there....Hallelujah!

(Photo: Flickr/Outback Steakhouse)

3. Denny's

Brothers and sisters, this restaurant offers a $2, $4, $6 and $8 value menu:

Cheese quesadilla: $2
Fried Cheese Melt: $4
French Toast Breakfast: $6

Isn't it graceful....?

4. Cracker Barrel

(Photo: Flickr/Gamma Man)

Christians come here to find an authentic country lunch or dinner...

5. Whataburger

(Photo: Flickr.com/Ferrret111)

Grab a grilled chicken sandwich at this Texas chain for just $3.59. And if you like healthier food you can buy a garden salad for $3.29.


(Photo: Flickr/jiazi)

According to some experts on eating out after Sunday service, IHOP is a good option. "It is decent place to eat a breakfast and any other meal," some of them say.

7. Chipotle

(Photo: Flickr/Aranami)

Some Hispanics complain that Chipotle is American made Mexican food. Therefore, not really Mexican food. But, come on! Who doesn't like a hardy meal of beans and rice, a meat of your choice and veggies too?!

As some would say, "Ola!"

8. Applebees

(Photo: Flickr/PunkJr)

Many Christians like meal promotions (well, who doesn't?...). Here you have a $20 promotion! "For just $20, you and a friend get a mouth watering appetizer to share, and an entree all your own. With value like that, why wait? Invite somebody to 2 for $20 today!" it is advertised in the website.

9. Ruby Tuesday

(Photo: Flickr/Quitoriano)

You can also get free Ruby Tuesday printable coupons clicking HERE.

10. Chili's

(Photo: Flickr/by brianc)

Or get some coupons for this one by clicking HERE.

11. Olive Garden

Must eat a 'Blessed' Pasta Bowl for just $9.99

12. Bob Evans

(Photo: Flickr/by bsabarnow

It is considered by many as a good place to go for a nice home-style meal at a reasonable price.

13. Red Lobster

(Photo: Flickr/by hattiesburgmemory)

This is what you can find there:

(Photo: Flickr/by Clotee Pridgen Allochuku)

14. Golden Corral

(Photo: Flickr/rob_rob2001)

Golden Corral has a wide variety of buffet style foods and you can get 50% Off Coupon HERE.