14 Stabbed at College: Mass Stabbing Incident at Lone Star College in Texas (VIDEO)

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(KTRK/Channel 13 Screen Shot)At least 14 have been injured in a mass stabbing incident at Lone Star College near Houston, Texas.

A mass stabbing incident has taken place at Lone Star College Cyfair in Harris County near Houston, Texas on Tuesday morning, with at least 14 students wounded after being slashed by a knife-wielding attacker.

The school posted an alert just before noon local time, warning everyone on campus to take shelter.

The campus was immediately put on lockdown and at least four of the 14 students injured were allegedly in critical condition and were transported by helicopter for emergency treatment.

In the immediate aftermath of the incident there were reports of a second attacker being sought by authorities, but this was later amended to confirm a lone attacker had carried out the attack. The suspect is now in custody.

According to Lone Star College officials, there are multiple injuries and conflicting reports on the severity of injuries. Although some witnesses on the campus have told MSNBC that the attacker was slashing victims in the face and neck with a box knife.

"We can confirm that several people have been transported to area hospitals," a Lone Star College official reported.

Some reports have described that the attacker was running from building to building on the campus with a knife, slashing as many people as he could.

On the school's website the warning read: "Alert! Stay away from the area. Seek shelter in a secure location until the incident is resolved."

The college is the same that suffered a shooting incident just months ago. That incident, however, took place on another campus belonging to the college, and was reported to be a gang-related incident.

Here is raw video footage of the aftermath of the Lone Star College stabbings: