14-Year-Old High School Student, Excited by Learning, Scores Perfect 2400 on SAT

(Photo: Screen Grab via ABC News)Varun Jain, 14, scored a perfect 2400 on the SAT.

A 14-year-old California boy, who just graduated from the eighth grade at East Bay Middle School and finds it exciting to learn new things, has scored a perfect 2400 on the SAT exam.

According to an ABC News report, Varun Jain, who took the SAT in June, barely reacted when his excited father, Vivek Jain, a physician, broke the news of his rare achievement at 5:30 a.m. after he saw his score online.

"I was so excited I told Varun, 'Did you know you got a perfect score?' He said 'wow' and then went back to sleep," Varun's dad told ABC.

And if you're not quite sure of how rare young Varun Jain's achievement is, think on these statistics. About three million students take the SAT every year. Only 360 of those students, approximately 0.01 percent, got a perfect score in 2012 and 83 of them from California.

So what kind of kid is this? Well, on top of scoring perfection on the SAT, Varun Jain has won many other academic awards and spelling bee contests. He also plays basketball and tennis and while Albert Einstein and Thomas Edison are heroes to him, NBA great, Michael Jordan also sits comfortably among his pantheon of role models.

"Michael Jordan was a good example of how with determination and hard work you can achieve success," said Varun.

"I guess there is always more to do and I'm going to try to do more because it's always exciting to learn more and to accomplish more," he noted.

The teen's mother, Vinita Jain, also a physician, agreed with her husband that their son is in a different league than they are.

"He can just read it (study material) one time and that's it," said Vivek Jain.

Varun and his brother, who both play the sitar, are also expected to release a music CD soon.

"He is a very good human being, he's intelligent; I want him to make a difference in the world," said Vinita Jain.

The teen who will never have to take the SAT again is expected to start high school shortly. He hopes to attend Harvard University or MIT.

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