15-Year-Old Escapes Murder Charge After Stabbing Classmate 12 Times

A 15-year-old Florida teen will not be charged with murder after he stabbed a classmate 12 times because of a 2005 self- defense law.

The controversial “stand your ground” law was introduced by governor Jeb Bush in 2005 and allows Florida residents to use deadly force should they fear their life is in danger.

The teen, Jorge Saavedra, was charged with second-degree murder after stabbing Dylan Nuno, 17, 12 times in the chest and abdomen. One stab went through the 17-year-old’s heart. Saavedra was 14 at the time.

According to Daily Mail, Judge Lauren Brodie wrote in a nine page judgment that she found Saavedra was being bullied by his peer at the time and acted in self defense. Saavedra attempted to avoid a fight with his 17-year-old classmate of Palmetto Ridge High in Naples, by getting off the school bus a few stops before he was supposed to. Witnesses saw Saavedra trying to run away, but still ending up fighting with Nuno.

“The defendant was in a place where he had a right to be and was not acting unlawfully,” said Judge Brodie according to The Daily Mail. “He had more than enough reason to believe he was in danger of death or great bodily harm ... (He) was under attack from the first punch to the back of his head until he stabbed Dylan Nuno.”

The “stand your ground” law states that an individual does not have to retreat and may use deadly force with immunity no matter where the attack is taking place.

The slain boy’s mother said, the judge “is showing those kids it’s OK to get away with murder,” according to The Daily Mail.

Thus far, the “stand your ground” law has mainly been used by homeowners on burglars. So far the law only exists in Florida, Texas, Alabama, Georgia, and Nevada.

Jorge Saavedra is the youngest person to receive immunity under the law.