'16 & Pregnant' Star Pregnant With Second Child, Has No Plans for Adoption This Time

(Photo: Facebook/Ashley Salazar)Ashley Salazar and daughter Callie.

"16 & Pregnant" star Ashley Salazar is pregnant with her second child, only this time around, she plans to keep the baby. In her episode of "16 & Pregnant," Salazar gave daughter Callie up for adoption to her aunt and uncle.

"I'm really excited about the baby," Salazar told Radar Online. "But I'm nervous about what Callie will think in the future. We really care about her. We don't want her to be mad at us about what we did when we were really young, just teenagers, and we didn't know."

Salazar, then 16, decided that her aunt and uncle could do a better job of raising her daughter and provide more than she could at the time. It was an emotional decision and struggle for Ashley, who really wanted to keep the baby girl but eventually realized she just couldn't.

"We're really happy that Ashley is pregnant and can't wait to meet this baby," boyfriend Justin Lane said.

"We don't know what we're going to tell Callie," Salazar said. "She's so young, but we want to respect my aunt and uncle so that they understand how much we love everyone."

Salazar still sees 4-year-old Callie frequently and has a good relationship with her aunt and uncle, who are working to make sure the girl knows her special story of adoption.

"My aunt and uncle have repeatedly told me that they will in fact tell her the truth about the adoption and they are constantly showing her pictures and talking to her," Salazar told Radar in 2010. "They also want to come up with a special name that she will call me, not 'Ashley.'"

Salazar said that she wanted to share her story with "16 & Pregnant" in order to hopefully raise awareness of adoption and how important it is, especially to younger parents. She also said that she plans to get engaged and married to Lane after the new baby is born.