17 Puppies Dumped: Dogs Saved, Put Up for Adoption After Being Dumped on Roadside in Porter County (VIDEO)

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(YouTube Screen Shot)17 puppies dumped on the side of the road in Porter County have been taken to Porter County animal shelter.

17 puppies have been dumped on the side of the road in Porter County, leading authorities to make a public appeal to identify the culprit.

Porter County Sheriff's Department has described that an unknown individual dumped the mother and her 17 puppies on the side of State Park Road, just east of Ind. 49.

A driver, Karen Read, explained that she stopped on the road late on Friday night when she saw a set of eyes glaring at her in the road from the reflection of her headlights. She admitted that at first she believed it to be a raccoon in the road, but when she got a closer look she saw the mother dog and her puppies:

"Then I saw a mother dog, and countless puppies," she told The Times in Munster.

Read also reported that she saw someone in a gold SUV speed off from the location as she arrived.

The woman, not wanting to leave the dogs there, called her husband to come and help her as she started gathering up the puppies from the road. Some other local residents also came over to help her collect the puppies, with them all running off in different directions - with some running down the road and others into a creek.

Read's husband immediately came to her aid, and he also managed to collect eight other puppies that were running down Waverly Road.

Authorities were then called and a Porter County Animal Control officer eventually arrived and took 15 of the 17 puppies to a Porter County Animal Shelter. The two other puppies were said to look ill, and were taken by a local resident who volunteered to look after them. They too were taken to the animal shelter on Sunday, according to reports.

Read and the local residents were unable to catch the mother dog, however, and she was too quick for them as they rounded up the puppies. An alert was put out for the mother who was described as a medium-sized black dog with white under the chin. Then on Monday Porter County Animal Control confirmed the dog had been found and taken to the county animal shelter too.

It has now been reported that Lakeshore PAWS, a local foster organization, has taken the puppies, and has confirmed they are from two separate litters.

Anyone with information about the incident has been asked to call Porter County Animal Control at (219) 477-3110.

The puppies are scheduled to be ready for adoption from Saturday.

Here is a video news report on the incident: