19 Arrested at Mall: Chicago Shopping Mall Closed Down, Security Guard Injured

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(Photo: Reuters/John Gress)Shoppers ride on escalators, next to their carts in Chicago in this November 25, 2005 file photo.

19 teens have been arrested at a mall in Chicago after an incident caused the entire shopping center to be closed down and left at least two people with injuries.

According to Chicago police spokeswoman Laura Cubic, the 19 teenagers were arrested on Saturday with most being charged with misdemeanor mob action.

The 19 teens were a mix of both males and females, with all ranging from 13 to 18 years of age.

Cubic also confirmed that one 16 year old had been charged with battery of a mall security guard. The battery occurred as the security guard was attempting to evacuate shoppers from the shopping mall.

According to reports a boy band, "Mindless Behavior," had been performing in the mall on the same day, and had just finished a performance about 45 minutes prior to the incident occurring.

However, Senior General Manager of Ford City Mall, John Sarama, has confirmed that the disturbance was not related in any way to the boy band playing there that day.

According to authorities, a large group of teenagers worked together to create chaos across the shopping mall. After the teens were cleared from the mall they also continued the scene outside where they were reportedly seen jumping on top of vehicles and participating in raucous behavior.

Police eventually arrived and arrested 19 of the teenagers. It is unknown what the motive of the teenage group was for making the disturbance.