1993 Audio Recording of Corey Feldman Naming Sexual Predators Found by Police

Reuters/Eric ThayerActor Corey Feldman departs a gathering at a Beverly Hills hotel following a memorial service at the Staples Center in Los Angeles July 7, 2009.

The Santa Barbara Sherriff's Office has reportedly found a 1993 audio recording of Corey Feldman naming alleged sexual predators in Hollywood.

This news comes after the same office previously denied the existence of the recordings. The spokeswoman for the Santa Barbara Sherriff's Office, Kelly Hoover, said in a statement to USA TODAY that the office found Feldman's recording and they have turned it over to the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD).

"Following the recent inquiries into the Sheriff's Office interview of Mr. Feldman in 1993, the Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Office conducted an additional review for any stored items remaining from the Michael Jackson investigation," the statement read.

Hoover revealed that Feldman's recording was lost among items from Jackson's investigation. "In a container which included the original reports from the (Jackson) investigation, the Sheriff's Office located some detective working copies of audio recordings made during the investigation. A copy of Mr. Feldman's interview was located. The recording is being turned over to the Los Angeles Police Department."

This news comes in the wake of last month's cancellation of an LAPD investigation into Feldman's claims. The agency reasoned that the statute of limitations had expired on the 43-year-old child actor's allegations since the events he described happened 24 years ago. It remains to be seen how the discovery of the recording will affect the investigation. Neither Feldman nor the LAPD has released any statements regarding the finding.

Feldman, a child actor who starred in "The Goonies" and "Stand By Me," has long threatened to name all sexual predators, especially pedophiles, who run free in Hollywood. He has claimed that pedophilia is the number problem in the show business industry and that he and fellow child star, Corey Haim, were victims of said pedophiles. Haim, who passed at 38 years old after years of drug addiction, had even worse experiences, according to Feldman.