2 Chainz Robbed at Gunpoint, Entourage Flees?

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(PHOTO) Instagram: @hairweavekeller2 Chainz poses before fans

Hip Hop star 2 Chainz was reportedly robbed at gunpoint in broad daylight while in San Francisco on Sunday.

The rapper, whose real name is Tauheed Epps, was reportedly surrounded by his entourage when he was approached and robbed at approximately 4:30 PM. Although 2 Chainz confirmed that his wallet was stolen, the rapper reportedly refused to cooperate when police arrived at the scene. He insisted on handling the matter himself, according to TMZ.com.

A San Francisco Police Department sergeant reportedly confirmed that the incident was captured by surveillance cameras and 2 Chainz, 35, appears to be the intended target. Video footage allegedly shows the entourage of 14 fleeing. The sergeant explaining that the group "ran away from the incident like cockroaches running from a flashlight."

Calls were made to police after sources claimed that shots were fired during the robbery. Critics suspect the alleged gunshots are what caused 2 Chainz's entourage to flee in fear.

The incident comes four months after 2 Chainz was arrested by Maryland Police officers on drug charges.

The "I'm Different" rapper was reportedly left furious after state troopers took him into custody and bizarrely posed for photos with the hip hop star. The photo, showing 2 Chainz standing in between to police officers, went viral on social networking site Twitter.

"Locked me up and then Wanted pictures smh," 2 Chainz wrote in an Instagram post in February.

During a vehicle search Police reportedly found a backpack in the van that 2 Chainz was traveling in at the time of his arrest. It allegedly contained marijuana paraphernalia and trace amounts of the illegal drug. The rapper previously denied any wrong doing according to a source.

"He was only in the station briefly; just ... to get a criminal summons," the Maryland State Police previously told HollywoodLife.com. "He was co-operative when he was here. He received a criminal summons, and there will be a court date assigned. He was released when he signed for the citation."