2 Chainz Robbed: Rapper Blames 'Sagging' Pants for Tripping Him Up (VIDEOS)

2 Chainz, an Atlanta rapper, was robbed at gunpoint last week on the streets of downtown San Francisco by two armed men. While the hip-hop star escaped the incident unharmed, his entourage and police believed he had been shot because he fell down— he later revealed he tripped because of the saggy pants he was wearing at the time.

2 Chainz' mugging went viral Sunday, June 9 after video was produced of the two armed suspects. One of the assailants produced a large handgun— "like a .357," according to the rapper— and began shooting when the he and his crew attempted to flee.

However, Epps wouldn't get far. He fell down while the man was shooting, and the rapper admitted that his attire could have had something to do with it.

"I had my jogging pants on, I think that's why I fell because they started sagging," 2 Chainz, whose real name is Tauheed Epps, told Georgia radio station Hot 107.9. "I knew I wasn't shot … I went down as soon as he bust … He thought he shot me."

"There was another dude that had that black hoodie on that I didn't see when I took off running up the sidewalk … when I go into the street, there was like another dude with a whole nother gun," he continued. "That's when I knew it wasn't like an episode of 'Punk'd,' I was like this is real."

The suspects escaped. Police officers who arrived on the scene after the shooting initially thought Epps' adrenaline was preventing him from feeling a wound, but upon further examination, the hip-hip artist was found to be fine.

"I had bullet fragments in my hair," he told Hot 107 of the close call.

When news of the shooting first spread, 2 Chainz initially denied being robbed, and posted a picture on Instagram after a performance later that day.

"Rule #1 if a rapper gets robbed people usually post items that has been taken," he also wrote in a tweet.

However, after the security footage from a nearby store leaked, he addressed the rumors, opening up in the radio station interview. He also said he wasn't technically robbed because the thieves got little from him besides a wallet.

No arrests have been made regarding the shooting.