2013 Hiring Boom: How to Get Hired, Current Top Jobs

The time is ripe to get a job. Hiring is anticipated to pick up in the coming New Year say career councilors, although some prospective employees may lose out on an opportunity due to poor marketing.

Last month the economy added 146,000 jobs to the job market, a huge jump from the anticipated 85,000 jobs. December is also looking up, experts say, meaning that now could be a good time to get a job.

"Historically, the first quarter of any fiscal year is always the best time to expect hires because of the normal cycle of business," Robert Meier, president of Job Market Expert said in an interview with Yahoo.

The U.S. Department of Labor has also released reports, which reflect a steady decrease in the unemployment rate. But more jobs don't mean enough jobs, Meier added. Prospective employees will likely face two major problems.

Poor Marketing of Skills

"Right now, as of this month, there are 3.5 million open jobs advertised in the United States, while there are 12 million people unemployed," Meier told Yahoo. "Just because we're going to flip a calendar from 2012 to 2013 isn't going to fix this problem."

He suggested that the best way to get an edge on the competition was to show value immediately.

"What is the bottom line of your contribution to your employer?" Meier asked, suggesting that it's a question job seekers should be asking themselves. Those answers belong on a resume, Meier added.

"The resume is the most undervalued document on the face of the earth. It is your storyline, and you're the one who has to make it compelling," he told Yahoo.

Poor Qualification

The second issue that is preventing an overnight fix is the fact that a number of jobs will be offered with no qualified applicants to take the position.

When delving into a career choice, experts suggest that there is more to consider than just salary, such as stress levels and amount of training time. The top ten jobs for the coming years, as listed by the World Report, are mostly within the fields of healthcare and tech.

More companies will be seeking out MBA's as well, Bloomberg Businessweek noted. The report stated that a "vast majority of MBAs are still in demand" although the salary within the field has failed to improve.

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