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2018 NFL Free Agency: Would Malcolm Butler Improve the New York Giants' Roster?

2018 NFL Free Agency: Would Malcolm Butler Improve the New York Giants' Roster?

Malcom Butler might be a match for the New York Giants. | Reuters/Cary Edmondson

Malcolm Butler might be the answer to the New York Giants' patchy team this year.

Butler has been reported to exit the New England Patriots as a free agent this 2018 at the National Football League, and he just might be a perfect fit for the New York Giants team, Big Blue View reports.

The New York Giants were at a disadvantage last season due to some of their primary players serving suspensions.

Eli Apple was suspended after he had engaged in a field argument with the coach of the New York Giants. This caused speculation that Apple was one of the sources that made Giants' former coach, Ben McAdoo, become critical in his position. He is also rumored to have a spat with team member Landon Collins, causing trouble for the Giants.

On the other hand, Janoris Jenkins was suspended after not complying with the team's return time from their bye week. He didn't inform the team that he won't be making the return date, which added to the decision to suspend him from the New York Giants.

If the New York Giants decides to trade Apple and Jenkins, the team will need to improve their defensive play by adding a quality cornerback player. Butler just might be the answer to that problem.

Butler became popular in the NFL for leading a win for the New England Patriots in Super Bowl 49. However, the Patriot starter was put on the bench at the Super Bowl 52 that may or may not have contributed to their loss to the Philadelphia Eagles.

Rumors sparked that Bulter was on the bench due to bad behavior, but he released a statement that denied all the speculations against him.

"During Super Bowl week I never attended any concert, missed curfew, or participated any of the ridiculous activities being reported. They are not only false, but hurtful, to me and my family," Bulter's post reads on Twitter.


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