2019 Ford Focus Specs News: Ford Improves Focus ST Power

(Photo: Ford)A promotional image for the 2017 Ford Focus.

Ford Motor will soon be releasing the Ford Focus ST. But as the next-generation car nears its release date, speculations make their rounds on the internet saying that the company is tweaking the upcoming model to increase its power.

To recall, the recent variant of Ford Focus ST has a horsepower of only 252. It boasts four cylinders that are turbocharged at 2.0 liters. That said, the current car already gives its users a good driving experience, but it looks like Ford wants to give its customers a better one.

Rumors are making rounds that the company is planning to up its game. Ford Motor is planning to cut back its previous diesel and petrol units, as per Autocar. In addition, the company is also rumored to be planning on direct injection and cylinder deactivation technology.

From its preset Focus ST's 2.0-liter turbocharged cylinders, the upcoming car will soon be replaced with 1.5 liters. And to increase the forthcoming car's power even more, reports claim that the 2019 Ford Focus will be upgraded with a twin-scroll turbocharger.

The publication also said that the rumored update will "satisfy the Real Driving Emissions test." The Focus ST's upgrade will be good for the 2021 average fleet CO2 standard as well. If reports are true then the users will get an engine that is way more fuel efficient.

Apart from those, Ford's 2019 Focus ST will also be given a new look. The report suggests that the much-awaited car will be longer compared to its predecessors.

The new car will have more leg and luggage rooms. The 2019 Ford Focus is said to increase its length with 4.4 meters.

Of course, the improved Focus ST will also give its users a premium feeling on the inside. Its interior will be upgraded, too.

Other details on the 2019 Ford Focus remain under wraps. But, the new and improved car is expected to arrive in 2019.