2019 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Release Date, Specs News: Teaser Images Reveal High-Tech Interior

Mercedes-BenzA promotional image for the 2019 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter's interior.

Mercedes-Benz has released images that preview the 2019 Sprinter's high-tech interior.

Since its introduction in 1995, the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter has become one of the most popular and best-selling models in the large van segment. Now, the flagship van has been redesigned for the modern age with several tech-related upgrades.

"The Sprinter is the flagship of our commercial fleet and embodies our approach towards an integrated system solution," said Volker Mornhinweg, head of Mercedes-Benz Vans. "The Sprinter is the first example of this new class of vehicle from Mercedes-Benz Cans and represents our understanding of the concept of smart hardware in every aspect," he added.

The all-new Sprinter is scheduled to make its official debut in February 2018. Based on the teaser images, the third-generation commercial van will have a large infotainment system on the dashboard. The high-quality cabin also features a multifunctional steering wheel and circular air vents.

As the 2019 Sprinter becomes part of the Internet of Things, it will be offered with the Mercedes PRO Connect services which enable the monitoring of vehicle status, maintenance management, fleet communications, accident recovery and navigation, among others.

The next-generation van is also slated to receive comfort features like USB charging ports and a Wi-Fi hotspot.

Though other specific details are yet to be revealed, the German automaker revealed that the 2019 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter will have a wide range of customization options in order to meet the needs of customers — whether it be hauling construction materials or serving as a shuttle service for VIP passengers.

The commercial van will be offered with different body variants, wheelbases, load height and storage capabilities. Based on a teaser sketch released back in September, the 2019 Sprinter will have a more aggressive exterior design and more distinctive headlights.

The third-generation Sprinter will begin production in spring 2018.

Mercedes-Benz also announced that an electric version of the commercial van, aptly called eSprinter, will be introduced sometime in 2019.