220-Story Building to Be Built in 90 Days Using Lego Pieces? (VIDEO)

The Broad Group has plans to build the world's newest, tallest building in the world. But what has drawn the most attention to the project is the company's building schedule, promising a 220 story tall building in a three month period.

To be built in the Chinese city of Changsha, the 2,749 foot structure will qualify as the tallest building in the world, surpassing the current record holder Burj Khalifa, which currently stands 2,722 feet over Dubai. But more interesting than breaking a height record, is the company's Lego-like construction plan.

The Broad group has projected that it will take only three months to build the 11 million square-foot building. According to a CNET report, the company will accomplish this mission by using 95 percent prefabricated modular pieces in order to construct the building. The report compares the process to the idea of stacking Lego blocks.

Broad Sustainable Building, a subsidy of the Broad Group, is also responsible for the building in Dubai, but has placed an emphasis this time on the ever-growing popularity of prefabricated modular technology.

Broad Group senior VP Juliet Jiang informed the Malay Mail that the pace of construction would go at about 5 stories a day, according to a Construction Week Online report. The project will begin in January with an anticipated finish date of March. The cost of the project has been estimated at $628 million. But some have charged the company with attempting a publicity stunt.

"It's hard to say for sure that the 1.5M square metre plan isn't entirely a publicity stunt," a Wired report read. "But Zhang has hired some of the engineers who worked on the Burj Khalifa, and created two large models. Foundations are scheduled to be laid in November at a site in Hunan; and, if everything goes well, the building will be complete in March 2013."

The company also has a record of success and managed to build a 30 story hotel in just 15 days earlier this year, according to ConstructionWeekOnline.