221 Coffins Set on Fire Outside Kenya's Parliament as Protestors Express Anger at Legislators

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(Photo: Reuters/Chris Mann)Kenyan security forces secure the African Inland Church after an attack in Kenya's northern town of Garissa, July 1, 2012.

221 coffins have been set on fire in Kenya outside the country's parliament in protest at the nation's legislators. The blaze caused a huge inferno outside the building's main entrance, as hundreds demonstrated in the streets.

The protest organizers have commented that the coffins represented an end of an era of Kenya's 221 legislators who have held their positions in parliament over recent years.

Protestors are angry at the parliament and have claimed that have become known for performing dishonorable acts over the past five years, according to Fox News.

The parliamentary term for the legislators ended this week, sparking hundreds to celebrate and voice their opinions of the parliament.

Many in the country have rebuked the legislators as "lazy, greedy and self-centered," according to Fox news.

They believe that the 221 members have improved their own welfare tremendously over the past five years to live luxuriously at the expense of the taxpayer.

According to reports, a legislator in Kenya's parliament takes home approximately $175,000 in annual salary. However, the nation's average annual salary is just $1,700.

Further anger was sparked recently when it was announced that Kenya's 221 legislators had attempted to award themselves $110,000 bonuses each.

That attempt has caused further outrage, however, in the end the country's president vetoed the decision by the parliament, denying them their extravagant bonus.