3 Arguments that Sound Spiritual but Are Actually Stupid

#1 – "The Church Is Not A Business But Rather A Hospital For Sinners."

Uh…OK, the problem with this argument is…a hospital IS a business…and if it is not ran properly then it will have to close its doors, thus losing its effectiveness in helping those it has been called to reach.

Like it or not in church world today leadership matters. God made sure we knew that leadership IS a spiritual gift and the reason it has been given was to help the church be more and more effective.

I personally believe the church should be the best ran organization on the planet because God has gifted and called leaders to lead AND filled them with HIS Holy Spirit so that they can do so.

#2 – "Too Many Churches Are Just Chasing Cool and Relevant."

Uh…so what's the opposite, chasing uncool, boring, predictable and meaningless?

Sure, churches can go off the deep end and worship creativity rather than the Creator. But to say that a church should not embrace creativity and innovation and leverage them for the use of the Gospel is insane.

Church should not be a place where people come and see what life was like on this planet during the 1960's and 70's…but rather a place where people encounter Jesus Christ and the preaching of HIS Word in an environment in which they understand. (One does NOT have to be sacrificed for the other!)

We are created in God's image and called to be like Him…which means that we ARE creative beings. Somehow I believe that the church is supposed to be reaching kids WAY better than Disney…they have a mouse…we have the MESSIAH who gave His life and rose from the dead. Our message is SO much greater and should be told in the most effective way possible.

#3 – "Too Many Pastors Today Are Obsessed With Dressing Cool And Shopping At Buckle."

This one always cracks me up because, well, I happen to like shopping at Buckle (they actually have jeans that fit me!) I am not so sure about the dressing cool part…but I really do like their clothes.

Honestly, I was not aware that surrendering to ministry meant that I also had to surrender to the pleated/cuffed khaki, sweater vest, comb over club! (We could really go back and forth all day on this.)

Bottom line…there is a WAR going on for the battle of the souls of men and women…and fighting over clothing styles should not be a fight we dive into! Dress how you like to dress…and if others want to obsess about it you should feel sorry for them and not fight with them.