'33 Miles' Successfully Raises $30,000 for New 'Worship' Project

Contemporary Christian band 33 Miles has successfully fundraised for their first "worship" project with the help of fans and supporters via Kickstarter. They were able to raise $29,803 surpassing their original goal of $20,000 in the 35 day window set for the drive.

Having parted ways from INO Records and downsized to an acoustic duo, the band still held onto God's promise and took a "leap of faith." With the successful campaign, fans can expect to hear new music soon.

33Miles shared on their campaign page:

"This last year, after hearing the stories of how the economy was affecting so many lives and families... we finally began to see and feel it's affect on us. We were forced to make difficult, yet frugal, decisions like letting our friends/band mates go, parking and now selling our bus, scaling everything back to an acoustic duo, and in the middle of it all, we separated from our label, INO Records. There have been many humbling days, many of which we have questioned if we could, or should, even continue as 33Miles, mainly for the well-being of our own families. However, we have seen our online fan base continue to grow daily, Food for the Hungry sponsorships have been through the roof, and you, the fans, continue to challenge us to fight the good fight of faith. More importantly, we have the promises of God... and God's promises always prove true.

"So here we are... taking another step of faith... it honestly feels like a leap. Throughout this last season, God has really taught us about worshiping and seeking Him passionately no matter what we may face in life. The ability to worship, in the middle of our trials, is a powerful gift from God. What we continue to hear from you is that life is hard, as we well know, and God has used 33Miles to help you along... and that's what we want to do. We want to give you something that will spur real heartfelt Christ-worship in the middle of this crazy life. In the middle of the music industry, you can get really caught up in music, radio, record sales, the lights, the production, and forget that it's about building relationships with the fans, about exalting Christ and showing His love to you, the fans... and we have the best fans in the world. We are amazed that you come to our shows, continue to listen to and share our music, and encourage us along as we are trying to do the same for you. So the plan is for 33Miles to record our first "worship" project this Spring."

221 backers have joined to make this new project possible, with pledges from $5 to one top backer giving more than $4000.