37-Pound Cat, Biscuit, Finds New Home: Kitty Swimming to Lose Weight? (VIDEO)

A 37-pound cat has found a new home after being surrendered over his obese condition. Now, with help from his new parents, he may have a chance to drop some pounds.

One look at Biscuit might suggest that the cat has had one too many cans of catfood. At 37 pounds, he is more than 2-and-a-half times the size of an average cat and considered to be "morbidly obese." Because his overweight condition requires special attention, Biscuit's owners decided that they could no longer care for their feline and were forced to surrender him to a St. Louis animal shelter.

Fortunately for Biscuit, his story picked up on the news and a slew of adopters became interested in his case. On Wednesday, his new family was announced. Next week, Biscuit will become a part of Ed and Lisa Pyatt's family, the Associated Press reported.

Biscuit's obese condition will require a strict diet. In addition, his owner's might want to take notes from another obese cat who has just begun an active swim routine. In Loudon County, Va., another obese cat has resorted to swimming in order to lose weight.

The female cat is not a fan of being active, leaving her owner, Dani Lawhorne, concerned about how to resolve the cat's overweight condition. Lawhorne's solution is taking the cat to the pool for a swim.

"She won't do anything else. I've tried to take her outside. She doesn't like the outdoors. She won't run around, she won't play with cat toys. She doesn't like catnip," Lawhorne told CBS News. "Anything normal that cats like she just doesn't like."

The cat does, however, appear to have a penchant for swimming.

Lawhorne claims that her kitty loves the pool. She dresses her cat up in a lifejacket for safety, and lets the cat doggy paddle around the pool.

"She's lost about 1 pound in the past 6 months," Lawhorne said, "so that's good but she's still got a bit to go."