3D Printing: Print Your Next Fully Functional Flute?

3D printing devices are captivating our attention.

I would like to inform you that I came to find on the Internet that there is a 3D printer that can really print chocolate.

The only thing that we now need is a 3D printer that will print real gold.

Apparently, these machines are becoming more affordable. It is still not affordable to the typical consumer that can handle purchasing the latest smartphone, but it is getting there.

Objet recently released its latest 3D printer called Objet260 Connex which is almost half the size of a conventional photocopy machine.

The printer is so advanced that it can actually print two materials from more than 60 different materials at the same time and produce fully functional objects, such as this functional flute, but of course, smaller.

Although the company hasn't informed the public yet just how much it will cost, it’s hard to put a price on something that can potentially 3D print just about anything, don't you agree?

Introducing the Objet 260 Connex: