3DS Introduces Miiverse and Unified eShop with the Wii U Today

Nintendo released an update for the 3DS that brings the Miiverse to the handheld console this morning as well as unified the 3DS and Wii U eShop accounts.

Polygon reports that the little Miiverse icon can now be located in the top row of the bottom 3DS screen which also includes a new camera app as well the five-time limit 3DS data transfer being removed.

Dubbed the 7.0 update, 3DS users can sign in with their Nintendo Network ID to connect with both the handheld and Wii U, however, according to reports from Verge, gamers seem to be suffering some network connection issues.

3DS launched their YouTube App December 3 for free as part of their recent updates to the handheld.

The App may be uploaded from the 3DS eShop in both North America and Europe.

According to PCMag, the dual screen of the 3DS allows for video play on one screen while browsing and navigating with the other for a dual screen experience that even the PC version of YouTube does not offer. However, for some reason the 3DS does not offer 3D playback, and it is unclear if it will be added eventually.

The App came to the Wii U as well, and also features the dual screen with the video able to be played on the GamePad or TV screen, freeing up the other for searching.

YouTube joins Hulu Plus on both consoles as well.

These changes were originally announced as the precursor to today's update. "This update is designed to prepare for the launch of Miiverse on Nintendo 3DS. Besides the existing communities for Wii U software, many new communities will be created for Nintendo 3DS software and even more users will join Miiverse. With this in mind, we have made the following changes to both the Wii U and web versions of Miiverse," the announcement from NintendoMarty read on Miiverse.