3DS XL Bundles: Leaked Photo Shows Mario and Luigi Dream Team Inspired Handheld (PICTURE)

A yet to be released 3DS XL bundle picture was leaked by a Walmart employee who snapped a picture of the handheld in his store's stockroom.

The 3DS XL is Mario and Luigi Dream Team-themed after the forthcoming game of the same name to arrive on December 2. The bundle will have the game pre-installed onto it. According to the photo, the handheld in silver colored and features a design of the duo in the bottom left corner.

There is no word of how much the bundle will cost.

See a picture of the bundle here.

The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds will have a 3DS XL bundle in the U.S. according to a Black Friday leaked flyer for GameStop. The bundle will go for $219.99.

Polygon said GameStop confirmed to them that the leak was true.

Just last month Nintendo released a Pokemon X and Y themed bundle for their wildly popular game. It comes in a blue X version and a red Y version with pictures of new legendary Pokemon, Yveltal and Xerneas.

The handheld comes with the standard AC adapter, stylus, SD Card, AR Cards reports CinemaBlend.

The unit will retail for $199.99, and does not include the game, which was released October 12.

In the UK, if the X and Y 3DS XL bundle was purchased, customers were able to get the game for £20. The bundle is worth £200 not including game and came with a free next day delivery of the game.

"Subject to availability. Applies only to purchases made from the Nintendo UK Online Store. Prices will vary between other retailers. Normal price of Pokemon X/Pokemon Y 3DS game from the Nintendo UK Online Store is £39.99," writes Nintendo.