4-Year-Old Rape Victim Dies in India

The 4-year-old Indian rape victim whose body was disposed near a crematorium has died of her injures, officials confirmed. The young girl's story shocked the world and highlighted the problem of rape in India.

The little girl was lured from her home and found the next day, severely injured and bleeding. Doctors later said that she had severe brain trauma and injuries to her genitals, showing the extent of violence the little girl suffered. A team of six doctors worked to stabilize the girl, who eventually slipped into a coma and needed the use of a ventilator.

"Her heart and lungs stopped functioning," Dr. Ashok Tank told The New York Times. "It is very inhuman that such a young girl was subjected to sexual abuse."

"We have informed the MP government about the death of the girl," a spokesperson for the hospital told The Hindustan Times. "Her body was sent to the government-run medical college and hospital for a post mortem," but doctors said that she died of cardiac arrest.

It was especially tragic, given that the girl's family had hoped that she would recover from her injuries.

"My daughter has not opened her eyes since [the] last four days. I want to see her open her eyes," the victim's mother told the publication.

Police immediately began looking for those responsible for the crime. Last week authorities arrested Firoz Khan, who is suspected of raping the child, then fleeing to Bihar. Rakesh Choudhary participated in the crime and is accused of luring the child away from her home.

"The investigation is going on," Mithlesh K. Shukla, superintendent of police for the Seoni distric told the Times. "They will be charged soon and we will ensure that they get the strictest punishment."

A 5-year-old was reportedly raped and tortured earlier this month in New Delhi; protests were held throughout the country in her honor. Now that a 4-year-old has died, residents of Madhya Pradesh, her home district, have complained that her story did not receive enough attention from the media.

"The value of life for a little girl, whether in Delhi or Madhya Pradesh is the same. So why are people not coming onto the streets when this girl has died? The girl from Delhi got 24-7 coverage, but this girl's death has hardly been covered," lawyer Varun Amar told The Times.