42 Years in a Coma, Woman Finally Dies

A woman who has spent the past 42 years in a coma has finally died, according to reports out on Friday.

The woman, who was from Miami Gardens, fell into a diabetic coma in the 1970s, and although there was always hope that she would come out of the coma eventually, she has passed away this week.

Ewarda O'Bara was a high school student when she became ill in 1970. At that time she threw up her medicine and eventually slipped into a coma.

O'Bara in fact died last Wednesday after 42 years in the coma.

Before she lost consciousness, a fearful O'Bara had insisted to her mother, Kay O'Bara, to never leave her side.

Her mother kept her promise for more than four decades and had been taking care of her daughter until she herself passed away five years ago.

To honor her sister and her mother, following her passing, sister Colleen O'Bara stepped in and continued taking care of O'Bara in the Miami Gardens home.

Kay O'Bara was a self-confessed devout Catholic, who had testified that she felt the presence of the Virgin Mary in her daughter's room.