44 Years, No Sick Days: Postal Worker Accrues 4,508 Hours of Sick Leave (VIDEO)

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(Photo: Reuters/Jonathan Ernst)On the deadline day for U.S. citizens to file their income tax returns, a woman stands at the front of the line at a mobile post office near the Internal Revenue Service building in downtown Washington, April 15, 2010.

A woman has worked for 44 years and taken no sick days, in an amazingly accomplishment not many could boast about.

Deborah Ford has been a Detroit postal worker for more than four decades and has never been off sick with the flu, and injured ankle, or anything else.

Ford will now retire, and is receiving praise from her USPS bosses.

However, when a closer look at her work life is conducted, it becomes even more extraordinary. Even though Ford could have taken sick days to attend doctor's appointments or other urgent matters, she always decided to use her personal vacation days instead, ensuring she did not take anything extra from her company's time.

Also just because Ford did not take any sick days, does not mean she did not occasionally get sick. However, the 64 year old retiree has admitted that many times through the years she has felt unwell, but that she would simply "shake it off" and work through the pain rather than take the day off to recover at home.

Ford has basically said she was just doing her job as a U.S. postal worker: "You know what we say — rain, sleet or snow, [can't stop the U.S. mail] and that's what I live by. I'm coming in," she said, according to the Detroit Free Press.

Speaking at Ford's retirement party, Postal Service district manager Chuck Howe openly praised her achievements.

In front of more than a dozen co-workers at a celebration party in downtown Detroit's main post office, Howe handed Ford a retirement proclamation certifying that she had never missed a day of work. He said that it enabled her "to retire with a sick-leave balance of 4,508 hours."

Here is a video report of Fod's achievement: