5 Christian Comedians That Will Put a Smile on Your Face (VIDEO)

1. Tim Hawkins
- Tim Hawkins is a Christian comedian, songwriter and singer who has become a YouTube sensation after releasing his comedy on the internet in 2007. He covers popular topics that we hear a lot about today, such as marriage, homeschooling, and parenting. Hawkins has released 5 CDs and DVDs of his material since 2002. His parodies on different Christian artists and stand-up material is guaranteed to give you a good laugh.

2. Bob Smiley
- Bob and Tim Hawkins have a very similar sense of humor and have done comedy together several times. "It was a great experience, mostly because the elderly people were too nice to ask me to go away," he jokes. "Seriously, that's really where I found out people were more inclined to listen to what I had to say about Jesus Christ if I was also entertaining."

3. Chondra Pierce
- Her humor can often go over peoples head at first because it is subtle. But, it often causes two sets of laughter for the people who understand her humor immediately and the others who take a few seconds to figure it out. Her nickname is "The Queen of Clean."

4. Ken Davis
- Hysterically funny and honest are two words used to describe Ken Davis. A lot like Chondra Price, his humor style is very subtle. But, unlike most of these comedians, he tends to focus on religious issues rather than secular humor.

5. Anita Renfroe
- Best known for her rendition of all the things a mom can say in 24 hours condensed into 2 minutes and 55 seconds. Anita has three children of her own and is the wife of a Baptist pastor. She is regularly a commentator on the TV show 'Good Morning America.'