5 Great Places to Visit During the Holidays That Will Help Get You In the Christmas Spirit

For Christians, Christmas will be a time to reflect on the gift of Jesus Christ and his birth. That will should be and will be the core focus of the upcoming holiday season. However, for those with families, you may also be looking for outings to go on together to help get everyone in the celebratory mood.

If you are looking to get hyped up for Christmas during the holidays, than these 5 places will be a perfect place to start. Whether you are looking to shop or see an awesome light show these places will instantly put you in that Christmas mood you were looking for. Below are the 5 places that will bring your Christmas spirit to the next level:

1. Church

- Christmas may be a time for gifts, shopping and Santa Claus, but we must not forget the true meaning for the holiday. As Christians, this is a very holy day that celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ. This is the main reason that church is the most important place to visit when you want to get in the true Christmas spirit and celebrate the birth of Christ with fellow believers in worship.

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2. National Christmas Center (Paradise, Pennsylvania)

- The National Christmas Center is the only Christmas Museum in the world. Owned by Jim Morrison and has 3 exhibits. What started in 1998 is now full of thousands of Christmas items, some more than 200 years old. It features 14 wonderful fantasy worlds, such as the North Pole and Santa's workshop. Shopping can also be done inside this beautiful museum, and reminds you of how it used to be shopping offline and at the stores. More than 40,00 people visit this wonderful museum each year. If you are looking for a Christmasy museum that will put a smile on your face be sure to visit here during the year's 12 days of Christmas.

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3. FAO Schwartz (New York City)

- FAO Schwartz is the biggest and oldest toy store in NY that features over 12,000 toys and items that are sure to make anyone happy. Each morning FAO Schwartz opens with a special ceremony. A red carpet rolls out to welcome the shoppers who have waited for the doors to open and three toy soldiers play a morning fanfare. If you happen to be in NYC during the holidays, this is MUST see along with the tree in Rockefeller center.

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4. Small Time With Old-World Christmas Spirit (Leavenworth, Washington)

- Built against the backdrop of the Cascade mountains, this town prides itself on its Old-World Christmas spirit. During the first 3 weeks of December, this small town with a little over 2,000 residents throws an awesome Christmas lighting festival, that draws people from all around the globe. Each morning the sounds of a alpine horn fills the air signaling a new day full of Christmas spirit in Leavenworth. The weekends here end like a Dr. Seuss tale, with the people of town joining hands around the lighting of the tree and singing Christmas carols.

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5. America's Christmas Hometown (Santa Claus, Indiana)

- This is a whole town dedicated to the Christmas spirit. It began as just a name at first and has now become a way of life. All the streets in the town have Christmas-themed names, such as Prancer Dr. and Chestnuts Roasting by the Open Fire St. The shops and businesses have Christmas-themed names as well. The most notable place in this small town is the Post Office, where there is a unique picture postmark only found there. Lost letters to Santa get delivered here and residents even take time out to answer the lost mail. This preserves the name of the town and Santa Claus.

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