5 People Dead in IL Shooting: Suspect Confirmed Dead After Shootout With Police

The suspect in a shooting in central Ill. has been confirmed dead, authorities stated. Rick Smith was wanted in connection with the murders of five persons, including two children and one unborn child and died after a shootout with police.

Resident Rick Smith allegedly killed Roy Ralston and his girlfriend Brittney Luark, who was pregnant at the time. Ralston's two youngest boys were killed and his daughter taken to the hospital in critical condition, resident and family friend Amber Dunham confirmed to The Christian Post exclusively.

Residents of Manchester, Winchester and other neighboring towns are applauding police and first responders for their fast action and capture of the suspect overnight.

"I live in Winchester, and I must say that the law enforcement did an excellent job! Thank you!" Brittany Stice posted on Facebook.

Police have not released a motive yet, but members of the small town have been left in shock at the violent deaths of an entire family.

"Deadly shooting near my husband's hometown (which happens to be where I went to college) makes national headlines. The schools were closed as a precaution. What a nightmare. Prayers out to little Manchester and all those touched by this disaster… Why? Why? Why can't there be some good news in the media?" Leah Lowes Brock posted on Facebook.

"Thoughts and prayers to the medical personnel [who] responded to the Manchester shootings this morning," added Jack Varble.