5 Pictures of Amazing Moments That Have People Thanking God

1. All 155 occupants from US Airways Flight 1549 amazingly survived a crash landing on the Hudson River in New York. Here they are shown safely evacuating the airliner onto the wings of the aircraft awaiting rescue.

(Photo: Creative Commons)

US Airways Flight 1549, a domestic commercial passenger flight, lost engine power after striking a flock of Canada Geese during its initial climb on January 15, 2009. After a quick decision by the crew it ditched in the Hudson River off midtown Manhattan, New York City. All 155 occupants safely evacuated the airliner after a dramatic crash landing in the water.

2. Single Dad Soldier Surprising His Kids at Church After Being Deployed for a Year

(Photo: http://gnli.christianpost.com/)

After being deployed for a year, this single dad solider surprised his kids at church. He entered the church where his kids are, singing "Glory, glory, Hallelujah."

(Photo: http://gnli.christianpost.com/)

Kids cried after seeing their soldier father again after a year.

It was an amazingly touching and beautiful moment for the family and all at their church.

3. The "Girl in the Picture" from this iconic photo from the Vietnam War is napalm bomb survivor Kim Phuc. She has since gone on to preach forgiveness to thousands.

(Photo: YouTube)

She can be seen above running for her life from a napalm bomb in Vietnam!

(Photo: YouTube)

And now Kim Phuc talks about forgiveness at Liberty Church in Newport Beach, California.

(Photo: YouTube)

"By the grace of God and His mercy, He refilled my cup with light, peace, hope, joy, compassion, understanding, love, patience and… FORGIVENESS."

4. A hero beachgoer is seen here saving the life of a baby girl who was ripped away from her mother's arms by the powerful waves. The frantic mother thought she had lost her precious baby forever, but was filled with thankfulness after this man's hands amazingly managed to find the baby under the foaming waters.

(Photo: http://www.capitalbay.com/)

5. Christian Store Owner Scaring Away Robber by Using Jesus' Name

(Photo: YouTube)

"You get out of my store! Right now! In the name of Jesus!" The robber turned and ran away.