5 Shot in Seattle: Shooting Spree Sees Gunman, Girlfriend and 3 Others Dead (VIDEO)

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(Photo: Reuters/Carlo Allegri)A police crime scene.

Five people have been shot dead in Seattle on Sunday night, after a man attacked his girlfriend and those trying to stop him, according to reports.

The Seattle-based man is said to have shot his girlfriend, and then three other people who attempted to stop him. Horrified locals called the police and when officers arrived on the scene the gunman also sought to confront them, resulting in him being killed.

The 27 year old killer reportedly have a history if domestic violence, according to authorities.

Police reported that the gunman used a handgun to shoot and kill his 24-year-old girlfriend, resulting in numerous people in the apartment complex to call 911. The gunshots also resulted in numerous people coming out of their own apartments to see what was going on, according to Brian Wilson, chief of the Federal Way Police Department.

The gunman then reportedly left his apartment and was confronted by two men in the parking lot of the building. The two men, aged 23 and 47, were shot dead by the suspect, who is then said to have returned to his apartment to get a shotgun.

It is uncertain whether the suspect knew those two victims, or what was said in the confrontation with them, police have reported.

The new spate of gunshots brought even more residents out of their apartments to see what was going on. It then appears as though one neighbor shouted out for someone else to call 911 before retreating into his apartment. The suspect is said to have retrieved his shotgun and fired through that man's front door. The 62 year old victim died from the gunshot wounds.

Police later confronted the man in the stairwell of the apartment complex.

"Verbal commands were given by officers to that subject, the subject was not complying with the verbal commands, and given the fact he was armed, officers fired on that subject," Wilson said.

The suspect reportedly dropped his shotgun and was chased by police into the parking lot, where he allegedly went for another weapon and was shot by officers and killed.

Here is a video news report into the incident: