5 Tons of Nutella Stolen by Thieves in Central Germany

Thieves in Germany reportedly stole more than 5 tons of a popular sandwich spread from a storage trailer sometime over the weekend.

The robbery occurred in the central German town of Bad Hersfeld and included the theft of 5.5 tons of Nutella, a chocolate-hazelnut spread that has global appeal.

German authorities are still investigating the theft and had not named any suspects as of Monday. They conceded that they did not know how many people were involved in the theft. Police did reveal that the stolen Nutella, which is manufactured by Ferrero, is valued at around $20,000.

Local reports did reveal that the area where the Nutella was stolen had been hit before with a shipment of Red Bull energy drinks having been stolen in a previous robbery.

This is not the first time thieves set their sights on the irresistible chocolate spread as a popular university in New York City reported a theft of Nutella by a collection of students.

Reports had indicated that some students at Columbia University had allegedly stolen around $5,000 worth of the Nutella, but officials with the university said that number was greatly overestimated.

Columbia's Dining Services department revealed that students had taken a liking to the sweet spread and were consuming around 100 pounds of Nutella a day. Officials did concede that they suspected students were stealing the spread and using it outside of campus.

"The mundane fact, according to the University's Division of Dining Services, is that the weekly cost of the Nutella supply is actually less than 10 percent of the amount originally reported on a student blog and quickly picked up by other media," the school said in an official statement.

Nutella was first introduced by the Italian company Ferrero back in 1963 and the name brand immediately took off, but it was first developed in 1944 under a different name.