Wednesday, May 28, 2014
5 Ways Some Conservatives Could Stop Being 'Jerks'

5 Ways Some Conservatives Could Stop Being 'Jerks'

Some, but certainly not all conservatives have elevated themselves to the status of "jerk" in both their words and actions. Here are some tips that may help alleviate the problem.

1) Stop talking about how the "crazy liberals" are trying to destroy America. Those "crazy liberals" live in America, so I sort of have a hard time believing that they are trying to sabotage their haven of safety, freedom and well-being. You can talk all day about how you think their views are destructive (and some of them are), but please, don't blast your social media with how they are intentionally trying to destroy their own homeland.

2) Quit acting like you know more than what you actually do. If you're going to talk about how Obama's latest speech was a whole bunch of hogwash, at least be able to communicate why. If you're going to blow up your Facebook friend's news feeds about how "communistic" the healthcare reform is, please be able to tell us all why and how that is. Acquiring and expressing a vast conservative-vocabulary after a few hours of soaking up Fox News programs doesn't make you knowledgeable. Some birds have the mental capacity to parrot things they hear; it doesn't mean they know what they're talking about. Get educated before you get vocal so that you can really contribute to the conversation.

3) Stop talking about how gross gay behavior is. Is vividly communicating disgust over homosexual behavior really necessary? I thought that we as conservatives were vocal about our views on homosexuality because we believe that the embracing of homosexual behavior is harmful for individuals, the family structure, and the culture at large. Are you really concerned for people's well being when you post articles like, "NFL Draft Sealed With a Homosexual Kiss!"? Or are you personally just grossed out by gay-ness and feel the need to express that? If so, please stop.

4) Be more about dialogue than monologue. Do we as conservatives have vastly different views and beliefs than liberals about how our country's health, safety, freedom and overall well-being is to be bettered and preserved? Absolutely. Do we have the right, and even the responsibility, to voice those views and to publicly question the reasoning behind opposing views? Most definitely. But to what end? Should we write blogs, tweet tweets, and post Facebook statuses just to hear ourselves jabber? Or to get a lot of "likes" or RT's by our fellow conservatives? Or to ruffle the feathers of our ever-so-stubborn liberal friends? No! We should be about engaging people and persuading them - through dialogue - to see how some of their views are faulty. Preaching at people while being too temper-mental or apathetic to engage in real, productive conversation with them is counter-productive.

5) Quit being selective about the biblical values you want to represent. Voicing your beliefs about the biblical design for marriage or the need for prayer in schools while neglecting to love your neighbor – your gay neighbor, your neighbor who had an abortion, your neighbor who doesn't' believe in the Christian God - as yourself is just really inconsistent and self-defeating. If you want to "stand for God", stand for the whole counsel of God. Trust me, He's not down with people who pick and choose what parts of His Word they want to believe and live out…. especially when they "neglect the weightier matters of the law: justice and mercy and faithfulness."- Matthew 23:23

Matt Moore is a Christian blogger who was formerly engaged in a gay lifestyle. You can read more about him at


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