6 Christian Artists Releasing New Christmas Music

3. Meredith Andrews 

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(Photo: Album Art)Meredith Andrews released "Receive Our King" on Oct 27, 2017.

Meredith Andrews wants to make Christmas more meaningful this year with her new Christmas album, Receive Our King. As a fan of Christmas music, Andrews was intentional about recording music that would deepen emotions surrounding the birth of Jesus Christ.

"I have several 'go-to' albums, the ones that immediately take me back to my Christmases as a little girl as well as the ones that are just fun, meaningful, or nostalgic. When it came time to make my own Christmas album, I wanted to capture the beauty and wonder of Jesus coming to earth as a baby to rescue the world and to create a project that would deepen the listener's experience of Christmas," she said in a statement obtained by the Gospel Music Association. "I am so excited to release Receive Our King for the coming Advent season, and pray that everyone who hears these songs will be drawn in to remember, reflect, and respond to the birth of our Savior that truly was the turning point in history."