6 Things Every Christian Kid in the 90s Remembers

1) Adventures in Odyssey

Adventures in Odyssey was a staple of most Christian households and the flagship program for kids by Focus on the Family.

Coming in two formats, radio serials and cartoon adventures, no one can forget the the likes of Mr. Whittaker and the always funny Eugene. Starting in 1987, the radio program has amassed over 700 episodes as families tuned in during dinnertime to learn life lessons and Biblical tales.

(Photo: Youtube Screenshot / GCNTV1)

2) Bibleman

The caped crusader of Christian homes, Bibleman came to the rescue against the evil forces of the world dressed and protected in the armor of God.

Played by Eight is Enough and Charles in Charge actor, Willie Aames, Bibleman helped kids overcome fears and turn to the Lord.

Sure it was corny and campy, but hey, when you're 8 years old and a frequenter of Sunday School, this seemed like a blast!

(Photo: Creative Commons)Willie Aames of 8 is Enough player Bibleman for many years.

3) Carman's Yo Kidz! and Lawrence the Kat

Anytime someone mentions the 90s and Christianity, Carman is sure to be on the list. Carman had a video and audio cassette (look it up), for Kids...or Kidz...that had more of an urban feel to it. Lawrence the Kat was his accomplice as he searched for the B. Attitudes, and stopped the "cool kids" from using a Ouija board.

The stories were filled with Biblical principles and songs with other Christian singers to teach children the message of the Gospel.

Fun fact, Veggietales made one of their first appearances on one of these videos.

(PHOTO: Youtube)Carman and Lawrence the Kat.

4) Veggietales

Speaking of Veggietales, these guys or gourdes, have been making children smile since 1993.

Veggietales have become a crossover hit, and have had video games, movies, toys, coloring books, you name it.

Larry the Cucumber is a worldwide recognizable face, and the show's songs have been sung all over the world.

"Remember kids, God made you special and He loves you very much."

5) McGee and Me

The McGee and Me video series started before the Adventures in Odyssey video series began. These guys were the first venture into kids programming for Focus on the Family.

The show was really cool in that it mixed animation with live action, and cut back and forth between cartoon segments and the real world.

Who can forget that opening scene when Nicholas was drawing McGee and he came to life right off the paper!

(PHOTO: Screengrab)Classic Christian children's live action and cartoon McGee and Me.

6) Psalty the Singing Songbook

Of course who could forget Psalty the Singing Songbook! He and Charity Church Mouse used to lead the the Praise Kids choir.

Psalty like many of the above had videos, shows, audio stories, and even a line of kids Bibles.

Remember that time when Psalty saved the Salvation Celebration from Risky Rat?

(PHOTO: Youtube)Psalty the Songbook.

What else did you watch as a Christian kid in the 90s? Tell us in the comments!