6 Wild Chinese Knockoffs That Will Make You Sick, Laugh and Roll Your Eyes

For years China has been known as the world's capital of the best and worst counterfeit products. And while the creativity behind some of these products can sometimes make you laugh, here are five wild examples that can also make you sick, gasp and roll your eyes.

1. Fake Baby Formula

In 2009 Chinese police arrested 47 people for allegedly making or selling fake infant formula that caused dozens of deaths in eastern China according to the Associated Press. The children, about 50 to 60 of them, from poor families died of malnutrition after they were fed the fake substance containing just small amounts of nutrients.

(Photo: Reuters)Baby formula in a store in China.

2. Fake Barking Lion

A Chinese zoo was recently caught trying to pass off a Tibetan mastiff dog as an "African lion

(Photo: Wikimedia Commons/File)A Tibetan mastiff dog was passed off by a zoo in China as an African lion.

3. Fake Beef

China has endured a rash of fake meat scandals in recent years passing off the flesh of rats, foxes and other unmentionables as traditional meat fare. In one of the most recent reports, Chinese polices seized some 20,000 kilograms of "beef" made from pork in northwest China. The meat was treated with chemicals like paraffin wax and industrial salts to make it look like beef.

The Guardian
Fake Meat Racket Foiled In China

4. Fake Eggs

Fake Eggs From China

5. Fake iPhone

Fake iPhone from China

6. Fake Disneyland

China would not be complete without a fake Disneyland.

Fake Disneyland In China