6 Winning Powerball Tickets Sold at Same Store

Six winning Powerball tickets, each worth $1 million, were purchased from the same Glendale, Ariz. gas station last week and so far only one winner has come forward to redeem one of the tickets.

"What we do know is that these were not Quick Pick tickets. They were individually selected numbers on a play slip or, in this case, multiple play slips," Arizona Lottery spokeswoman Karen Bach told KTVK.

While some critics have questioned the legitimacy of the unusual situation, it is unclear whether the remaining five tickets were purchased by one individual or separate individuals.

"We can't speculate," Bach said. "We do not know who has those tickets in their possession. Until they redeem them we have no way of knowing."

All tickets were purchased from a QuikTrip store, and the owner will receive a $30,000 prize after the remaining five winning tickets have been claimed.

The news comes just one week after it was reported that a Virginia woman accidentally purchased two Powerball tickets, which both won her $1 million each in the same day.

Virginia Fike had intended to buy one Powerball ticket and one Mega Millions ticket from the OldeStone Truck Stop & Restaurant in Clear Brook, Va., but ended up with two winning tickets from the same draw with the same set of numbers- 5-13-17-20-30- according to the Associated Press.

"I'm in shock!" Fike said in a statement released by the Virginia Lottery. "I picked numbers based on my parents' anniversary and their ages at that time, divided by the year they were married. I just love the jackpot games and I play when I can afford it."

Fike, who is from Berryville, discovered that she had won $1 million from the $80 million Powerball jackpot on April 7 while sitting in a hospital room with her mother, and then luckily won again.

"I saw a scroll on TV about there being two $1 million winners. I looked at my mom and said 'Wouldn't it be funny if it was us?'" Fike said.