6-Year-Old's Eyes Gouged Out in Horror Attack; Boy's Aunt Named Primary Suspect

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(Photo: Youtube Screenshot Apple Daily English)Guo Bin's aunt is a primary suspect in an attack that left him without his eyes.

The aunt of a six-year-old Chinese boy whose eyes were gruesomely gouged out last week has been named the case's primary suspect.

Guo Bin was playing when he disappeared on August 24. When his family discovered him hours later, he was drenched in blood and his eyeballs were gone.

Police had initially suspected that Guo have been the victim of organ traffickers but became suspicious when blood found on his aunt Zhang Huiying's shirt matched his. Last Friday, several days after the attack, the aunt committed suicide by jumping down a well.

Guo's family has denied the accusations against the aunt though, saying that they had gotten along too well for Zhang to have attacked their son.

Guo has been hospitalized since the attack and will receive artificial eyes that will partially restore his vision. Currently, full eye transplants are not available.

Guo's family found the boy screaming in agony, roughly four hours after the attack occured, and initially failed to realize the entire scope of the attack.

"We didn't notice his eyes were gone when we discovered him – he had blood all over his face. We thought he had fallen down and smashed his face," The Daily Mail reported Guo's father saying.

When they got medical help, the doctors turned his "eyelids inside out, and his eyeballs were not there."

Chinese media have also reported that Guo was drugged when he was attacked and that the kidnapper had allegedly threatened, "Don't cry and I won't gouge out your eyes."

The incident has left many in China furious, with thousands taking to the Internet to express rage and desire for the aggressor to be punished severely. They have also shown generosity to the Guo family, raising close to $150,000. In addition, a school for the blind in Taiyun has offered free tuition to Guo and a doctor in Hong Kong has said he will perform the transplant surgery for free.