600-lb Pay Per View Eating Woman Vows to Close 'Fat Fetish' Website

Donna Simpson, who once weighed 1,000 pounds, is famous for making the Guinness Book of World Records for having a baby when she weighed 532 pounds. She has now announced that she plans to get healthier and change her life.

Simpson also shot to fame for her pay-per-view “eating site,” where she charges viewers $19 a month to watch her consume huge quantities of food. The site became a commercial success, with many of those who signed up admitting to having “feederism” or a “fat fetish.”

"I realized that I was their fantasy," Simpson told the Plain Dealer. "Here I was getting bigger and bigger, and they had their thin wives, with 2½ kids and a picket fence."

Despite the website’s commercial success, it has obviously also made Simpson a target for jokes and mocking comments.

She has now vowed to close the site down.

Simpson admits to once consuming 15,000 calories a day. She now has set herself the goal to get that down to 370 pounds. She hopes to be able to shower and carry out her daily tasks without any assistance.