61-Year-Old Woman Gives Birth to Twins

Antonia Leticia Rovati Asti gave birth to her first two children, a set of twins, but the Brazilian woman is gaining attention for the unorthodox fashion in which she did it in -- at the age of 61.

Asti, a native of Brazil, gave brith to twins recently with the help of an assisted reproduction specialist, Dr. Orlando de Castro Neto. According to New York Daily News reports, the doctor had no issues with the woman's age when he decided to help her give birth using 10-year-old frozen embryos that were fertilized with her husband's sperm.

However, he did note that society may have different views on the senior citizen's decision to give birth to twins.

"The age didn't matter at all," Neto said in the Daily News report. "The only condition is that a woman has a uterus."

However, various people took to Twitter to express their views on the woman's decision to bring twins into the world. Some people thought the woman's ability to produce two children at her age was nothing short of a miracle.

"There will be miracles when you believe," one person tweeted.

Another person seemed to agree with those sentiments by tweeting, "Praise the Lord."

However, others questioned why Asti would use the frozen embryos that were left over from a failed in-vitro fertilization ten years ago to give birth at her age.

"Woman gave birth at the age of 61," one person questioned. "I'm sorry, but that's disgusting."

Another person seemed to follow the same frame of thinking saying, "No way that's too old!"

Despite the criticism, Antonia's husband Jose Asti, said he will provide his children with love.

"I will love these children very much and work hard to put food in their mouths," her husband said after the children's recent births, according to the Daily News.