7-Eleven Birth Story for Free Slurpee Day: Baby Born in Parking Lot

One thankful couple can now relax and enjoy their free slurpees on the specialty holiday that comes around every July 7 after successfully delivering their baby in a 7-Eleven parking lot.

Chad and Tye Malley were on a panicked road that has been traveled by many parents before them when they realized that the time between their location and the hospital was far too much. Tye had been suffering from labor pains and as they became too much to tolerate, the couple was forced to pull over into a 7-Eleven parking lot.

Driving into a Florida based 7-Eleven with their 2007 Expedition, Chad proved himself to be a most useful husband. Standing outside the passenger side seat of the car, Chad hoisted down his wife's seat and prepared to do something that he had never done before: deliver a baby.

When Tye's water had broken only two blocks away from their home and several away from the hospital, Chad knew he would have no other choice.

"I started to get panicky at that moment. I just knew that we weren't going to make it," Tye Malley told WOGX-TV.

Fortunately, Chad wasn't completely without experience. Working as a paramedic, Chad did what came familiar to him at first and suddenly the 2007 Expedition was his ambulance truck. He proceeded by running red lights, but for his wife that was not enough.

"I kept yelling at him, 'Baby's coming. Pull over!' You know, he's yelling at me, 'Don't push! Whatever you do, don't push!'" Tye told the station.

With no time left, Chad pulled over and did something that was far less familiar to him. With the help of an emergency dispatcher, he delivered his own son. Weighing in at a healthy 9 lbs., 10 oz., Cais was born on June 23, 2012. Both mother and son were then sent to the hospital where they stayed for two days before coming home in good health.

The story comes at a fitting time to help celebrate July 11, which is also known as Free Slurpee Day for the convenience chain.