7-Eleven Customer Kicks Robber, Chases Suspect From Store

A quick thinking customer at a 7-Eleven in Florida stopped a robbery in progress and then chased the suspect out of the store.

The attempted robbery occurred at the popular convenience store outside of Orlando in Orange County during the early morning hours last Thursday.

The store's patron, who declined to give his name to local media, said he was standing in line when the robber, described as a white male about 6-feet tall, told the store's clerk to give him the money out of the register.

The patron at first thought the incident was a joke until the 7-Eleven employee hesitatingly started to hand the money over to the suspect, according to reports from WBDO.com.

The quick thinking customer grabbed a wine bottle off the shelf, held it by the neck and approached the suspect in a defensive stance. Confronted with the patron the robber pulled out a knife and cautioned the man not to proceed any further.

The brave customer, not deterred by his armed assailant, engaged the robber with a swift kick to his hand which dislodged the weapon from the suspects grip.

The patron then chased the suspect out of the store and continued his pursuit for several blocks before he lost him. The suspect was able to leave with an undetermined amount of cash.

Police stated that the clerk and other customers in the store during the robbery were not injured, and thanked the good Samaritan for his actions. They also advised no one to take on any armed individuals in the future, however.

"Everyone knows or has an idea of their own capabilities; what you don't know is the capability of the other person," Orange County Sheriff's Office spokesperson Jeff Williamson told WESH. "The person with the gun or knife could be more skilled than you."

Police also believe the robber has targeted other 7-Eleven stores in the past and are looking to see if there is any connection with other recent convenience store robberies in the area. Police are currently searching for the suspect involved.