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7 Interesting Facts About Ash Wednesday, Lent

7 Interesting Facts About Ash Wednesday, Lent

6. Why Some Protestants Don't Celebrate

While Lent is commonly practiced among Catholics, Eastern Orthodox, and some Protestant denominations, some churches, especially evangelicals, refuse to celebrate the liturgical season.

In a 2016 column, Southern Baptist Pastor Bart Barber explained that his objections to Lent centered on it not being in the Bible.

"Lent is not in the Bible, nor anything resembling it. Movement toward Lent is movement away from the idea that the New Testament should give us the pattern for ecclesiastical celebrations or individual spiritual formation," wrote Barber.

American Reformed Pastor R. Scott Clark argued in a blog entry that Lent is a man-made observance which, even though it may have good intentions, has become theologically problematic.

"It is not that one might not learn something valuable by abstaining from this or that for 40 days or that there is no value in gathering on Wednesday 40 days before Easter to remember the suffering and death of our Savior," wrote Clark.

"The problem is that the human heart is an idol factory (Calvin). Once it is given license to create and impose Christian observances, it never ends. What begins with good intentions becomes a form of bondage."

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