7-Month-Old Water Skiing: Video Goes Viral of Amazing Baby Ryder Blair (VIDEO)

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(Photo: YouTube/Tamara Blair)7-month-old Ryder Blair can be seen water skiing in Queensland, Australia.

A 7-month-old baby has been water skiing in Queensland, Australia. The baby's proud mother has posted a video of her son water skiing in amazing footage that has gone viral and stunned viewers.

For most 7 month olds mastering how to stand alone unaided can be tough enough, with the most advanced infants sometimes learning to cruise along the sofa at this young age. However, for Ryder Blair, a boy barely half way to his first birthday, a greater challenge was necessary.

Proud mother, Tamara Blair, has posted a video of a recent family outing to Lake Dyer in Queensland, Australia showing her son riding the water like a pro.

However, the little boy isn't deep in the water being pulled along by a water boat, but is in fact being pulled along the shore as the video is being made. Nevertheless little Ryder is still doing an amazing job for his age, and thousands on the Internet have complimented the youngster, with some touting him to have a big career in water sports when he is older.

Here is a video of 7 month old Ryder Blair water skiing around Lake Dyer in Queensland, Australia: