7-Year-Old Dies After Shooting Self With 9mm During Outing

Gavin Brummett, 7, of Salina, Kansas, died after accidentally shooting himself during an outing with his family. The boy was rushed to the hospital but passed away; now the family needs help raising funds for the boy's funeral and friends have established several memorial sites to help the Brummett family.

Gavin and his brothers, as well as their father, Rodney Brummett Jr., were all out using the weapon when the shooting took place. Brummet Jr. told the press that he heard two rapid-fire shots, turned around, and saw that Gavin was injured. He immediately rushed the boy to the hospital, and Gavin was then transferred to Wesley Medical Center in Witchita.

The Saline County Sheriff, Glen Kochanowski, confirmed that Gavin was the one who fired the shots from a MasterPiece Arms semi-automatic 9-millimeter handgun. An autopsy is scheduled to confirm the deadly results of the shooting. No charges are pending at this time, but police are still investigating.

Meanwhile, friends and family have noted that the Brummett family needs help in order to meet the expenses of Gavin's funeral. They have set up a Facebook Memorial page as well as a Fundrazr.com page in order to collect donations. To date, the Gavin Lee Brummett Memorial Fund has raised $3,860 since being founded yesterday.

Many of the comments on the Facebook page cite the need for gun reform, especially when Congress is currently debating the latest gun reform legislation.

"This is a tragedy for his family, friends and for an innocent little boy… even more for a nation unbending in gun reform… I pray for this lad, for his family and for our nation!" posted Rosemary Fahey. "Your empathy and compassion touches me… May Gavin's light shine as we, friends of Sandy Hook et al continue to seek our way out of the darkness and into the light."

"I support the 2nd Amendment to its fullest extent, but I don't believe I would allow my children to handle BB guns until they were middle school-aged. Allowing a 7 year old to handle a 9 mm is beyond foolish… I agree, the parents should be investigated," philhiatt posted on kansascity.com.

To donate to the Brummett family, click HERE.