'7th Heaven' as Co-Stars Reunite for Baby Shower

It was a day in "7th Heaven" for co-stars Beverley Mitchell and Jessica Biel as the two reunited for Mitchell's baby shower. The two played sisters on the hit family series and have remained good friends in real life.

Mitchell, who has been married to Michael Cameron for five years, announced her pregnancy a few months ago. The actress has been busy building her family and she and Cameron are expecting their first child, a baby girl, in April. Biel, married to Justin Timberlake, made a special effort to make it to her former "sister's" shower.

"Jessica Biel was one of the first guests to arrive. She and Beverley are super close friends and were sitting together for the entire shower. Jessica was asking Bev a million questions about the baby, and Beverley was referring to her as an 'auntie,'" a source told Us Weekly.

Mitchell has blogged about her pregnancy for People.com and described every step, kick or "fist pump" for her fans.

"I know this has been happening since the beginning of time, but until you feel it first-hand, it is truly one of the most incredible things. Every morning, Michael and I find ourselves lying in bed sharing the miracle that is her morning kicks. My husband talks to her and lays his hand on my belly," Mitchell wrote in her latest post.

"Funnily enough, she responds pretty much immediately – she has certainly grown to know who Dad is and rewards him with a fist pump on a regular basis. I often find myself lying down and just staring at my bump in complete awe as I watch my little angel move," she added.

The baby shower was a star-studded event, with Biel, Haylie and Hilary Duff also in attendance. The ladies "played games, ate, and chatted," a friend said. "Beverley was ooh and aahing at the all the cute clothes. She also got a high chair, stroller, swing, books, puzzles, and eco-friendly toys."