8-Year-Old Girl Shreds Guitar in Rock Solo, Video Goes Viral

Her 'Mini Band' Is Taking the World by Storm

An 8-year-old British girl, Zoe Thomson, has taken YouTube by storm with her exceptional guitar skills.

The young girl, who has been playing the guitar since she was only six years old, has a number of guitar videos featuring difficult-to-play solos that would frustrate even the most talented guitarist.

The prodigy has several videos displaying her skill. The most recent one she's filmed is her playing to "Stratosphere" by Stratovarius— it already has upwards of 900,000 views in less than two weeks.

Zoe Thomson doesn't just play for fun, however. Her serious talent on the guitar has gotten her on a record label.

"Zoe is really excited; she is overjoyed," he mother, Collette, told Newbury Today. "For someone her age to get an endorsement is a massive achievement. I think you have to have something special to be endorsed, and it's really nice that someone has recognized her talent."

Zoe isn't the only talented youngster in the U.K., though. Together with other youths she jams in her very own band.

Along with Zoe, Harry Jackson, 9, plays guitar; Kieran Fell, 9, plays guitar; Harrison Read, 8, is the lead vocalist; Charlie Emmons, 11, is the band's drummer; and Archie Zolotuhin, 10, plays the bass guitar.

Together, the six pint-sized musicians form The Mini Band.

The Mini Band plays mostly classic rock, and their adherence to old-school rock and pure talent has earned them recognition from one of America's most famous rock bands.

When Metallica caught wind of the diminutive band covering their famous hit "Enter Sandman," they were so impressed, they made their very own video to The Mini Band.

Since their recent fame, some of the band members have been approached for endorsement deals, such as the drummer, Charlie, for drumsticks, and the like.

Users on their Facebook page recognize their potential, with comments like "imagine when they grow up!" and "You guys are awesome!!!!" almost hourly.