84-Year-Old Brazilian Woman Preaches the Gospel at Times Square

An 84-year-old Brazilian woman has become famous for eagerly preaching the Gospel on the streets of Manhattan, New York City for decades.

Irma Moraes has handed out tracts on the streets of the city and told about Jesus for more than 40 years, according to CBN News.

When asked why she decided to do this, Moraes simply answered: “God told me to do this.”

Nothing seems to stop her from telling others about Jesus. Moraes has been struggling with English, but night after night she has persistently returned to pray and be a witness for Christ.

The faithful elderly woman has confessed that she often suffers from the cold weather, however, she describes Times Square as a perfect place to meet people and convert them to Christianity.

“The hardest thing is the cold. It makes me feel frozen, then I have to go home,” she said to CBN.

Times Square is an American cultural icon in the borough of Manhattan in New York City, famous for its Broadway shows – ordinarily an unlikely place to evangelize.

The missionary testifies that Time Square has changed greatly since she first started her mission on the patch.

Moraes has testified her commitment to winning as many souls to Christ as she can, and her story is sure to be a challenge and inspiration for other Christians in New York and worldwide.